Is all our “slopping on sunscreens” killing our coral?


Featured Image by: By Logwo18 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 What is Reef-Safe Sunscreens? With most of the major cities looking at emerging from some form of lockdown the prospect of a glorious post-Covid Summer in Australia is now tantalisingly close, and no doubt Aussies will be heading straight to the beach. As usual, […]

3 Why’s and How’s of Dry Brushing

By Madison Rodrigues 1. What is dry brushing and how will it benefit my skin? We all want soft, youthful, glowing skin, am I right? Here’s one way to help you easily achieve that! Dry brushing may sound a little odd, although it’s a method of exfoliation that is quickly becoming a skin care essential. […]

Let’s talk about face rollers and gua shas.

face-roller, gua-sha

How do you use them and why should I use one? Well your about to find out…… By Madison Rodrigues I am sure you have seen Gua Sha & Face Rollers everywhere! But do you know what they are for and how to use them? Well your about to find out. They are both facial […]