Kolorex Advanced Intestinal Care

Each pack contains:

28 capsules of Redleaf Horopito

28 capsules of Anise seed

Kolorex Advanced Intestinal Care softgels help maintain balanced intestinal microflora.

Taking a course of antibiotics?

Diet high in sugars and carbohydrates?

Stressful lifestyle?

Intestinal upset?

If so, you may have upset your normal Candida balance.

What do we mean by 'balanced intestinal flora'?

Our intestinal tract is home to many species of bacteria (flora). These flora can be divided into two types, friendly and unfriendly. Among the unfriendly flora, the most aggressive and opportunist is the yeast Candida albicans.

Whilst our flora play an important role in overall health, any imbalance of the normal ratio of friendly and unfriendly flora may result in a wide variety of health issues.

How do we know if our flora is out of balance?

An overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria may result in varied signs. The most commonly reported include digestive upset as well as more widespread symptoms such as chronic fatigue, skin rashes, intimate itching, depression and difficulty concentrating. The natural balance in other parts of the body can be lost too. This is particularly so in our warm, moist areas, such as the groin, anal area, and between the toes. If the balance is lost in these areas problems such as redness, irritation and itch can occur.

What affects this balance?

Our normal flora balance can be adversely affected by many factors, the most common of which are poor diet (for example a diet high in processed food, sweet or alcoholic beverages), stress, and certain prescription drugs, in particular broad-spectrum antibiotics. A common complaint from women taking the oral contraceptive pill is vaginal yeast problems.

How do we get our systems back into balance?

It is important to identify and address the root cause of the imbalance. This may involve modification of diet and lifestyle. There are many Candida information sources and you may wish to seek the advice of a practitioner experienced in this area. Many products are now available to aid the symptoms of problem Candida. Probiotic products are beneficial in building up good intestinal flora. However, you should consider using a product such as Kolorex, that actually helps restore normal Candida balance.

What exactly are yeasts?

Yeasts (fungi) are a family of organisms that occur everywhere in nature. The most well known yeast is probably Candida albicans, a common inhabitant of the human intestinal tract, skin and vagina.Normally C.albicans is kept in balance by our so-called beneficial microflora. Alteration of this balance can result in the Candida proliferating out of control. This may result in the condition known as Candidiasis (moniliasis), also known as


Certain predisposing factors are known to increase the likelihood of developing a Candidal infection:

  • Broad spectrum antibiotic treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Diabetes, or other endocrine conditions
  • Poor diet


2 Horopito Capsules and 1 Anise Seed capsule per day with food

Note: This product is designed to help maintain general well-being. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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