Lime and Gin King George Whiting Ceviche

King George Cerviche

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The perfect Christmas dish to serve on a 40-degree day


  • 1 x packet Wild South Cape Catastrophe King George
  • Lime juice of 2 juicy limes
  • Zest
  • 1/4 cup Gin. Or there about!
  • Couple teaspoons of salt
  • Sprigs of Mint or Spring Onion
  • Finely sliced radish


  1. Ceviche calls for super fine slices of your fillets. You should do this when your fillets are still partially frozen.
  2. Remove the skin for ceviche
  3. If your knives are not super sharp, it will help heaps
  4. Finely slice fish and place in lime juice, gin and salt mixture. Toss through.
  5. Pop in the fridge for 30 mins while you make some simple guacamole, slice some red chilli, and pan fry some flat breads into crispy goodness.

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