About Glo Health

Hi, I'm Adam. I have been a Naturopath for over twenty years and have previously worked at a major vitamin company for nine years. I loved what I was doing, but I knew I was only accessing a snapshot of my patients’ and clients’ health.
Well-being is a total concern. It comes into play in every aspect of how we live, the choices we make, the composition of who we are. It was my dream to create a neighbourhood destination of well-being, a place where people could come in and get advice and information as well as their favourite products. So I left my practice to create such a place, where I can be involved with people in all aspects of their wellbeing, throughout all stages of their lives.
Glo Health is my dream, in action. And every day, with every Glo customer, my dream becomes a reality.

Adam Pincus, Glo Health Owner
Kathleen, Glo Health Manager
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Hi, I'm Kathleen, when I started as manager at Glo Health I was immediately accepted by the team as family. I love the community atmosphere Adam has created, he not only treats his team members like family, his customers are part of his Glo family as well. Next time you visit, please make a point to say hello so I can get to know all the fabulous Glo Health customers
Felicity Keir, Naturopath
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Hi, I'm Felicity. As a Naturopath at Glo Health, my passion is to guide our customers to make positive lifestyle and health choices.

Glo has a real 'local' feel. We have such lovely customers, I have really enjoyed getting to know them all!
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This is my local. I know the staff by name and they know my name too. That’s important to me. And the fact they service my tofu habit!​
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When I’m sick, I crawl in. When I’m well, I wander through. When I feel guilty about my weekend, I head to Glo to make it all better.
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I’d be lost without this place
Jenny Rowland
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I love the Glo vibe. You could shop and get stuff somewhere random online, but I love to pop into the store and visit. I always come out in a good mood, and my kids do too.
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I love Glo so much - it is my "go to" place for getting the tastiest and freshest Organic Fruit and Veg. The staff are always so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.