Wellness Clinic

Located upstairs at the Glo store, our Wellness Clinic is a vibrant, holistic health centre featuring a team of dedicated practitioners ready to assist you with every aspect of your Health and Wellbeing.



 Asako Ford – Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Oncology Massage

Asako has 8 years’ experience in soft tissue therapy. She completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2012 and has been providing services around pregnancy massage, sports massage, deep tissue and remedial massage.  

Asako first started treating oncology patients from 2013, after completing Oncology Massage Training Modules 1 and 2. She recently completed Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy – Casley Smith Method in 2016.  

Asako specialises in Lymphoedema treatments including scar tissue management.

Her practice includes nursing home visits, palliative care patient visits and also treating patients at her private clinic in Elsternwick and Southern Breast Oncology in Bentleigh East.

She found her patients are happy to undergo treatment at the clinic which helps to alleviate uncomfortable side effects from their cancer treatment.

Asako is very passionate about the care and treatment for those suffering from lymphatic or oncological illnesses.

Asako is also familiar with Ayurveda which is an ancient Indian medical system.

She enjoys Yoga practice in her spare time.


  • Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy
  • Oncology Massage Training Module 1 & 2
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage


  • Massage & Myotherapy Australia
  • Australasian Lymphology Association.

Website: https://www.lymphcare.com.au




 Nathan Burns – Acupuncture & Massage

Nathan Burns has more than ten years of clinical practice experience. Nathan graduated from the Traditional Chinese Medicine course offered at Victoria University of Technology and has a passion for helping people regain control of their lives.

Nathan’s motto is to “Own Life!” This can be interpreted in many ways; however, the central idea is that his clients become empowered to fulfil their potential.

This can be achieved through the reduction of pain – physical, emotional or both.

Physical and emotional pain

Nathan treats physical and emotional aspects of pain at the same time. This is a corner stone of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and something that was refined in Nathan’s treatments during a year-long study trip to Xian, China.

  • Back pain and sciatica
  • Back pain and especially management of sciatica-like symptoms is an area where Nathan is well-regarded.
  • Neck and shoulder pain

Similarly, neck and shoulder problems can also cause acute and chronic pain and stress. Keyboard posture is a major culprit in this epidemic of muscle tightness and pain. A few carefully placed acupuncture needles may be able to provide some patients with relief. Posture and exercise form part of an ongoing management strategy to help people enjoy their lives more fully.

Headaches and migraines

Headaches and migraines usually have a muscular component. Nathan will identify and treat muscle tightness and spasm, which may be able to improve the frequency and severity of painful episodes in some patients.

Nathan is a nationally registered Chinese Medicine Professional.

Website: https://nathanburns.com.au/#/home.php




 Felicity Keir – Naturopath

I offer Naturopathic treatment to rebalance the gut and hence the body, this includes the use of food as medicine, nutritional supplements and herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle advice, and a good solid listening ear, I will listen to what it is that you need and we will work together through your hurdles to get you back to wellness . 

Sometimes we need to do testing to get a clear picture of what is happening, commonly I use stool tests, blood tests and at times referral for deeper testing if I feel you need it. Something we can talk about when we sit down together. Gut condition forms a very large and important foundation for our health and is the predominant area I work within, I get so much joy doing my detective work into the gut looking for the root cause of health complaints and how they are connected.  Main conditions I see are gut and digestive issues such as IBS, constipation, diarrhea, post infections but I also work with mental health issues such as mood struggles, anxiety, depression and trouble sleeping

Website: https://www.therealnaturopath.net/




 Jeanette – Holistic Counsellor/Coach, Reiki, Crystal Healer, Colour Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, & Angel Practitioner

The basis of the name, ‘Wombat Hollow,’ came to our principal practitioner, Jeanette, when she was just a little girl, visiting the zoo with her grandmother. She had never seen a wombat before, but immediately resonated with this round sturdy animal. The fact that she could reach over and just manage to touch this beautiful animal sealed what was to be a lifelong affection.

Many years later, when it came to acquire a business name, the result was self-evident. Yes, ‘Wombat Hollow’ sounded appealing, but more than that, it echoed Jeanette’s intention of what this holistic practice now offers.

The meaning for ‘wombat’ as a totem animal reflects the meaning of standing your ground when needed, determination, and confidence in one’s abilities. These have all been actions she follows but has had to work hard over time to achieve – just as you, our clients, will come to our practice presenting with areas requiring support to grow.

In Scott Alexander King’s “Animal Messenger” he speaks of the wombat ‘walking her talk’ and that ‘to treat others as you would be treated yourself is the golden rule of wombat dreaming.’ This meaning is a philosophy with which Jeanette strongly resonates. It is the intention of this practice to support you always with this philosophy in mind.

The word ‘hollow’ was chosen to imply a place of comfort and caring, a cosy private hollow or safe place, where one can be one’s self and be able to speak freely and with trust. We hope this image is also realised for you when you choose to use our services.

Website: http://wombathollow.com/




 Lily Havakis – Sandplay Therapy, Peaceful Kids Classes & Reiki

Since 2013 I have been helping children and adults work through their upsets and issues, rebuild relationships and shine again.
I work with both children and adults who are frustrated and unhappy – this leads them into problems in relationships with peers, friends, and their loved ones.

I help them to reconnect with themselves and to deal with life better, so they feel happy, in control again – and able to create great relationships with those around them.

My name is Lily Havakis. As a qualified Counsellor and Master Sandplay Therapist I can lead you or your child through a deep, enjoyable, and insightful process that will help you develop the emotional resilience and resources to have the happy relationships you seek. 

I am also a registered Peaceful Kids Facilitator, offering a beautiful, fun 8-week Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children, giving them the skills, practice, and support to utilise coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

If you’d like to learn more,
Check out my website: www.peacefulhearts.com.au
Email me at: lily@peacefulhearts.com.au
Or contact me on M: 0412 599 470




 Martin Carson – Kinesiologist & Hypnotherapist. 

Since 2007 I have been helping people who are dealing with pain, trauma and upsets to come back into balance to live an empowered life.

If you have unresolved trauma that has left you, scattered, ungrounded and exhausted which is interfering in your engagement and enjoyment of life.

If you have unresolved pain that does not go away. If you want to regain clarity of thought. Get your energy back. Not only coping in life but thriving.

Come and see me and let’s work together to overcome and recover from trauma that has prevented you from engaging in your own life.

My working philosophy

Nothing happens in isolation. Every part of you is connected to every other part of you. Any issue will have a ripple effect through you affecting your whole being: physically, emotionally and bio- chemically. My work combines all these elements to ensure your health has a far greater chance of being in balance.

Working with me and applying this philosophy, I am able specialise in:

• Whip Lash/Concussion
• Learning difficulties
• Emotional trauma release
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Joint pain
• Back ache
• Scoliosis
• Quit Smoking

My name is Martin Carson. I am a qualified Kinesiologist, and hypnotherapist. I can help you understand and resolve your pain and frustration so that you get on with your life.

I am also a Concussion Management graduate. Treating, managing and concussion and whip lash. Combing over 15 years of continuous research and experience in Kinesiology, Bowen Therapy, Neural Organisation Technique, hypnotherapy, NLP, and neurology

If you are fed up living with pain and you want to get back in control of your life, contact me to discuss your situation now

Website: https://www.martincarsonkinesiology.com.au

Website: https://quitsmokingclinic.com.au

Email: martin@martincarsonkinesiology.com.au

Phone: 0404808592