Luxury little health sweets, similar to Truffles or even Brownies, made with Cacao, known for its' mood boosting and awakening properties, Maca, known to boost memory and mood, and Suma, known to reduce inflammation and anxiety, are combined with complimentary botanicals naturally high in fibre and antioxidants to create satiating, functional, luxury health sweets, promoting improved mood, focus, concentration, reduced anxiety, and physiological balance to ultimately bring out the best in yourself.

100% Plant based. Gluten free. No artificial sweeteners. No cane sugar. Minimally processed. No artificial anything.

Key Ingredients:

Cacao (for mood boosting, awakening, and blood circulation)
Suma (Brazilian Ginseng for anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties)
Maca (also known as Peruvian Ginseng, known for reducing anxiety, improving mood, improving sports performance)

Perfect to use for :

  • Banishing Mid-morning / Mid-afternoon Slumps
  • Reducing Sugar cravings
  • Quick pre-exercise snack

Directions for use:

Prior to consuming, sip water or non-caffeinated tea.
Consume electuary in approximately 2 bites, paying attention and focusing on each bite.
Sip water or non-caffeinated tea after consuming, until satiated.
Enjoy how you feel and pass on the message.

For best results, use together with 5 minute Guided Meditation from Wellness by Dr Zeltser. Ideal to consume between meals.


SKU 16244
Brand Dr Zeltser

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