A rich, pure bone broth extracted from free range Australian chicken bones over a 24 hour period. Made the authentic way with no vegetables, our broth is rich in life-boosting minerals and amino acids. Simply heat and serve, adding a pinch of salt for flavour.


In making our stocks, we follow the same process as a homemade bone broth. First, we roast the bones and then undertake an incredibly long extraction with aromatic vegetables and herbs. Our Bone Broths are each simmered for 24 hours.
This super long extraction, the longest of any stock manufacturer in Australia, ensures that nutrients and minerals are released from the bones. It also means that our stocks are rich in amino acids like proline and glycine, which are hallmarks for a nutritious bone broth.
We only source our chicken and beef bones from free range, pasture raised and grass fed animals. Absolutely no antibiotics or growth hormones are used and the chickens and steers are raised in natural, humane conditions.
With no vegetables as a filler ingredient, our broth is the perfect tonic for sipping straight from a cup, or as a base for healthy recipes.
Because we don't add garlic or onion to our broth, they're ideal for people with IBS or those adhering to a low FODMAP diet.
While easily dismissed as a food trend, bone broth is one of the oldest healing foods on the planet. Made by simmering bones for a long period of time, bone broth is a pretty magical elixir


Rich in amino acids such as proline and glycine
Rich in essential fats and minerals
High in protein
Immune boosting
19g of protein per 250g!


Water, free range chicken and chicken bones, apple cider vinegar, rosemary extract (natural antioxidant).


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Brand The Stock Merchant

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