You may not know it, and it may not even be talked about as much as it should, but many of the symptoms, conditions, and diseases that plague us today can all be traced back to one organ;

The Liver. 

From weight issues to skin conditions, hormonal imbalances to fatigue, adrenal stress and gallstones, and many more in between. If there’s one thing crystal clear, it’s that the liver should NOT be taken for granted. 

Our liver has spent years working to eliminate the toxins, alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and poor lifestyle choices we throw at it. But at what point do we stop and think? Because not even our trusty liver can last forever. 

These common health issues are often chalked up to be nothing more than side effects of aging, but that’s simply not the case. With proper care, upkeep, and nutrients, a healthy liver can go a long way in preventing these issues before they even start.

How many times have you heard people say after 30 it’s so hard to recover from a night after a couple wines? Why did we bounce back so easily in our younger years? 

The answer is simple. Our livers were younger and not as compromised after years of bad choices.

Are you constantly tired? Struggling to lose weight? “Oh this is just what being an adult is… adult life”. Wrong! Again, this too comes back to the liver. 

The liver is the root cause of so many issues. We can work on the symptoms of these health problems with pharmaceuticals and coffee and calorie restrictive diets but unless we address the root cause we will never truly heal. 

But it’s not all bad news. Although a liver can be the cause of many health problems, it can also do a great job at eliminating them.

Our Liver Rescue Detox Blend does just this! It has been formulated using carefully selected, organic ingredients which have been shown to have the ability to naturally help heal and support a healthy liver. 

Detoxifying the liver plays a crucial role in healing and helping maintain an optimal function from the many years of strain we have put on our liver and the Liver Rescue Detox Blend have shown to do just that. Detoxify and heal. 

By detoxifying and healing, the liver can start to function in a way that will support the reversal of any issues which may have surfaced. Healing the root cause. 

But that’s enough talk. It’s easy enough to say you’ll take care of your liver, but now comes time to put in the work. With consistent daily intake, our Live Rescue Detox blend will take you one step closer to healing the damage sustained by your liver over the years. 

Remember, the best time to take care of your liver was yesterday. Don’t waste any more time!


Organic Apple Powder 

The fruit acids which are found in apples help to detoxify the liver by breaking up the toxic films that build up inside. Apples have been shown to starve bacteria, mould, yeast, funguses and viruses from the intestinal track and the liver.

Organic Atlantic Dulse 

Contains mineral salts that the liver loves and depends on. One of these minerals salts is iodine which works as a natural antiseptic to the liver that inhibits unproductive bacteria and viruses that can damage this organ. At the proper level inside the liver iodine has shown to prevent cancers and diseases that occur within the liver and body. It assists in producing a potent bile which will benefit the liver greatly in metabolising fats and allowing their digestion to occur aiding weight loss.

Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder 

Contains phytonutrients that help to feed an undernourished liver. It helps to detoxify toxins and poisons built up in the liver over the years. It is known as a responsible detoxifier because it gives and takes by cleansing the troublemakers out it then replaces with vital nutrients that the liver needs.

Organic Spirulina 

Provides the liver with an abundance of vitamins and minerals that it can easily convert into what it needs in the moment to then be dispersed throughout the body. It stops viral and bacterial growth inside the liver and revitalizes the organ by attaching itself onto any toxins and poisons which helps to cleanse and detoxify it out. This in turn then strengthens the liver’s immune system and helps the liver to function at its optimal level. Spirulina has also been shown to aid the livers glucose storage and protein absorption and conversion.

Organic Milk Thistle Extract

Detoxifies toxins, gunk and debris that are in the hepatic veins which are used to return low-oxygen blood from your liver to your heart. These veins are the key players in the movement of the blood that delivers nutrients and oxygen to every cell in your body. If one of these veins is blocked it may cause liver damage. It also assists with bile production and cleansing bile pathways of the liver. Milk Thistle is known as a great rejuvenator.


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